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Lapua reloading brass cases in stock now

Lapua reloading brass cases in stock now

When they're gone, they're gone! We've just taken a large delivery of Lapua reloading brass cases, from .223 right through to .308, including 6.5 PRC, 6.5/284 and .300 PRC.

This is possibly our last delivery of the year and we're predicting that demand will be high.

Place an order by email or call 01423 780810 

Why choose Lapua?

Lapua focuses primarily on premium quality small caliber ammunition and components for target shooters as well as for hunters and law enforcement authorities. Lapua has always strived to produce the best possible cartridges and ammunition components for those who have the same passion for precision as we do.

Matching ammunition components for reloaders

Lapua’s top quality and accuracy that are characteristic to all Lapua ammunition is achieved with precise combining of cartridge components. Important cartridge qualities such as reliable and timely ignition, optimal muzzle velocity and excellent ballistic properties are the result of well designed and carefully manufactured brass and bullets.

A cartridge can be perfect when all ammo components match together perfectly, something top marksmen and competitive shooters reloading with Lapua brass and projectiles know.

Competition results worldwide prove that we are the preferred ammunition partner for rifle and pistol shooting champions, everywhere. Our cartridge selection includes centerfire and rimfire ammunition as well as bullets and brass cases for both pistol and rifle shooters, for target shooting, hunting and tactical use.

Lapua cases, the best brass in the world

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