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Introducing the 940 PRO FIELD Autoloading Mossberg Shotgun

This is the latest offering from Mossberg and it's due to hit the UK very soon. In this blog we explore the Mossberg new 940 Pro Field Autoloader shotgun and find out why it's tipped to make 2022 start with a bang.

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Ultimate Guide to the 30 Calibre

It’s fair to say that .30 might just be the greatest rifle calibre the world has ever known, if sales and popularity are to guide us. This hyper-successful calibre has been with us for well over 100-years and despite the rise of more trendy and fashionable cartridges, still has a loyal and devoted following all around the world.

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Jason Doyle's Ruger rifle deer stalking tips

It's not often Jason gets to carry just a rifle. He's an accomplished self-filmer so he's usually got his hands full. Today, he heads out with Fieldsports Channel TV and Viking Arms for an early morning outing armed with a Ruger rifle and Leupold optics.

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Rifle scopes: Why buy from a Leupold Gold Ring Dealer?

When you're investing in premium optics, you want to be sure that they're 100% legitimate and you haven't been duped.

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Breda B12i semi auto shotgun review

As an owner of the ‘out of the box’Practical/3-Gun ready Stoeger M3K, I’m always interested in so called race ready shotguns and keen to see if they are in fact ‘race ready’! That said though, I’m certainly no Jerry Miculek and, when it comes to reloading at speed, well, more cartridges end up on the floor than in the gun! However, a gun that is built to help the shooter with the pretty important task of reloading certainly gets my severed thumbs up! Breda have done a great job on the Breda semi-automatic shotgun B12i, that’s for sure! Now, this one on test is just the 3-shot model, so I really got the feel of reloading it when at the range, plus I had a round of clays with it too, as well as the odd pigeon at the farm.

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Breda Shotguns' Kevin Strowger NTSA Northern Championships Win

Earlier this month Kevin Strowger headed up to Carlise Small Arms Club to take on the National Target Shotgun Association Open Target Shotgun Championships as part of the Northern Championships.

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Leupold Mark 5HD Rifle Scope Review

Leupold’s Mark 5 range are their premium long range and tactical usage riflescopes with three models, all featuring a 5x zoom capability in 3.6- 18x, 5-25x and 7-35x variants. I was using a 5-25, which is always the benchmark specification for serious precision rifle optics with a comparable 56mm objective lens.

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Haenel NXT hunting rifle: the new generation of straight-pull rifles

The new straight pull hunting rifle from Haenel, the Jaeger NXT offers hunters everything they need and so much more.

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What are the best rifle targets?

Have you ever wondered why people get their rifles modified? Our friends over on FSTV decided to find out. They have put a .243, .270 and a .308 through its paces with Splatter Shot shooting targets to find out exactly what happens when you make some pretty scary modifications.

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