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Birmingham Proof House: Breda Zenith shotgun on test

Birmingham Proof House: Breda Zenith shotgun on test

We're going all Peaky Blinders on you in this episode of Viking TV Drop Gear and sending Andy on a special mission to Birmingham Proof House with Breda shotguns.

In this episode, Lucy from Viking Arms assumes the role of Polly Shelby and she's got a very specific task in mind. Our matriarch wants to test whether you can shoot at full choke when most believe that you can only shoot at a maximum of a quarter choke (It's all about fixed chokes in this episode!) To test this theory, Lucy sends Andy to Birmingham Proof House with a brand-new Breda Zenith and flat-cap to meet Proof Master Sam Perry.

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The Breda Zenith has CIP proof marks on three quarter and full choke, fixed choke, and can take high performance steel and so Andy brings a few high-performance cartridges to Birmingham Proof House to test the gun.

Sam sets out a plan, first he wants to establish whether the gun is full choke, and then after it can be put through its paces to see if it can be used to shoot service and proof ammunition without causing damage.

Firstly, Sam measures the bores to find out whether they are indeed fully choked. He finds that the top is slightly over full, and the bottom slightly under, meaning Sam approves of the gun being fully choked.

Now comes testing the gun with service ammunition. The gun fires a volume of rounds in the shooting gallery before Sam takes it away for inspection. After letting it cool down, Sam inspects the gun to find no bulges or damage.

Finally, the duo come to test the gun with proof ammo, that is approximately 25% over. Sam fires 2 cartridges in quick succession. Then the gun is taken to be inspected once last time. To Andy’s surprise the gun has withstood any damage.

The Verdict? The gun has passed the test with flying colours, demonstrating that the Breda Zenith can shoot high performance cartridges at with fixed full choke.

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