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Breda Shotguns' Kevin Strowger NTSA Northern Championships Win

Breda Shotguns' Kevin Strowger NTSA Northern Championships Win

Earlier this month Kevin Strowger headed up to Carlise Small Arms Club to take on the
National Target Shotgun Association Open Target Shotgun Championships as part of the Northern Championships.   
What a day it was for Kevin who took home not one but three wins!  Kevin went on to retain the title of NTSA Northern Champion. Huge congratulations!

What do the championships involve? 

There were three multi-target matches, which require 30 rounds of slug ammunition which are shot at 30 metres, 20 metres and 10 metres.  To make it even more interesting its also timed! So competitors have to be quick and accurate to make the grade. The top possible score is 300 and they are graded to birdshot standards. Misses aren't scored so you have to be quick and accurate.

What gun does Kevin Strowger use for competitions?

Kevin has chosen to use the Breda 12ix shotgun. These shotguns are steel-shot proofed and developed in conjunction with top US and UK practical shooters. It's a purpose built practical competition gun which boasts the largest loading port and requires less modification than any other semi auto gun off the shelf.
" I visited the Breda factory in Brescia and saw for myself, the high quality machining and passion that goes into making the Breda B12ix. The barrel and receiver are machined from solid billet for accuracy and tolerance. I have ultimate trust in this gun for competition shooting and that's why I've chosen Breda shotguns".

Why do people get involved in Practical Shooting?

The dynamic marksmanship discipline of Practical Shooting requires a blend of accuracy, power, and speed so that you acquire a winning combination. The discipline includes multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, or even partially covered targets, obstacles, and movement. These all play a part in the challenging sport of practical shooting.

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