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Can we destroy the Mossberg pump action shotgun?

Can we destroy the Mossberg pump action shotgun?

Andy Norris from Viking Arms visited David at The Shooting Channel and introduced him to the ‘indestructible’ Mossberg pump action shotgun.

Viking Arms are importers and exporters of arms, specialising in bringing American arms into the UK. Mossberg guns have been brought into the UK before. But there was a gap in the market for a pump action and semi-auto weapon that wasn’t being filled. Viking Arms thought that the Mossberg 500 Pump would be the perfect addition to the UK market.

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Mossberg is an American brand, so it is unsurprising that this is a very American gun. For Andy, the Mossberg Pump is a good working tool, no frills, no messing about – “the American Dream in a box.” Ranging between £600 - £1300 pounds, the Mossberg Pump is a bit more expensive, it is also better quality compared to many of the guns currently on the market in the UK. Andy and David certainly put it to the test – soaking the Mossberg Pump under the tap and in the river, running it over with a tractor (more than once) and dropping it from a height…twice. And yet it still works perfectly!

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Mossberg 500 pump-action shotguns

For Viking Arms, it was fantastic to be able to bring a great American brand to market in the UK. Since first introducing the brand, the popularity of the Mossberg Pump has only increased. Viking Arms recognised that the clay market and game market were already well represented in the UK market but there was nothing quite like the Mossberg Pump. It's a great working tool, well suited to game keepers, but it is also a great gun for those looking for a second gun or a ‘fun’ gun – for those who are looking to head out shooting with mates and enjoy an afternoon. Over half of the Mossberg Pumps sold by Viking Arms are sporting or ‘fun’ sales, with the remainder being used for work.


The Mossberg Pump is a top choice gun for a reason. It is a good working tool, robust and it has no gas parts so is straightforward to clean and oil.

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