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Champion Breda Shotgun Shooter's Season Success

Champion Breda Shotgun Shooter's Season Success

Champion shotgun, sporting personality and practical shooter Kevin Strowger, has finished the Winter season with an outstanding set of shooting competition results.

Now that the results of the UKPSA winter postal leagues have been. formally announced we can send our huge congratulations to Kevin and his trusted Breda B12i shotgun for the win, taking the title of top shot in the Slug competition and third place in the Birdshot competition category. 

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Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 22.49.10

And he didn't stop there. Kevin, not satisfied with one top shot title, went on to win the target shotgun NTSA T&P remote championship with a score of 179 out of 180, even pulling one shot into the 9!

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'Another great season for me and the Breda 12i shotgun", says Kevin.

Kevin Strowger

"This season, like those that have come before, this Breda 12I shotgun has delivered. It just goes to show how reliable and durable the Breda barrels are when it comes to delivering precision shots and unrivaled performance". 

Kevin uses the Breda 12i shotgun. These shotguns are steel-shot proofed and developed in conjunction with top US and UK practical shooters. It's a purpose-built practical competition gun which boasts the largest loading port and requires less modification than any other semi-auto gun off the shelf.

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We wish Kevin and the rest of the Carlisle Small Arms Club all the best for the Summer season postal leagues this year!

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