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Chris Dalton's first impressions of the Haenel Jaeger NXT

Chris Dalton's first impressions of the Haenel Jaeger NXT

Viking Field Team's Chris Dalton is an ambassador for Haenel rifles and an avid user of theJaeger 10 for himself and his pro stalking clients. We asked Chris to test out the Haenel Jaeger NXT and let us know his first impressions.  

haenel-jaeger-nxt-standard-no-sight-grey-bgReleased last year, the Jaeger NXT is a straight pull rifle. Aside from being an all-around great rifle, it offers new and interesting features including more speed when cocking and repeating. It's also extremely robust for daily use, offers more safety features and is the first rifle based on sustainability. 

So, what were Chris’ first impressions?  


  1. The Jaeger NXT is very functional. It will withstand being thrown about or dropped, it's simple and easy to use and clean also optimised for the use of lead or lead-free ammunition like the Sellior and Bellot Blue Xergy.
  2. The Jaeger NXT has some great safety features. It has a new cocking system and locking system, all ergonomic for use in the field in extreme conditions.
  3. The Jaeger NXT is the first environmentally friendly and sustainable rifle concept. It incorporates lightweight FFC composite laminated wood and bioplastics that are made from cellulose and tree resin rather than petroleum.

Above all Chris thinks the Jaeger NXT looks and feels the part. Ultimately, Chris was impressed with all the Jaeger NXT has to offer and thinks it is worth trying out for any rifle enthusiast.

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