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Discover the Precision of Merkel Rifles and Leupold Optics at West London Shooting School

Discover the Precision of Merkel Rifles and Leupold Optics at West London Shooting School

West London Shooting School, in partnership with Viking Arms, is thrilled to invite shooting enthusiasts to an exclusive opportunity to experience the precision and craftsmanship of Merkel rifles paired with Leupold optics.

Located at WLSS’ renowned Northolt grounds, the modern, purpose-built rifle ranges are the perfect setting to explore these exceptional products.

A Unique Shooting Experience

Whether you’re a prospective buyer or a seasoned shooter, you now have the unique chance to test both Merkel rifles and Leupold scopes on WLSS’s official Rigby test and client range. Leupold rifle scopes, known for their optimal performance and pinpoint precision, are ideal for hunters venturing to destinations across Europe, Africa, and beyond.

Our selection of Merkel rifles to try include the Merkel Helix Alpinist and Merkel Helix Explorer.

Merkel Helix Leupold Ibex hunting 2

Download our Ultimate Guide  to the Merkel Rifle Range

Our selection of Leupold optics available for testing includes the Leupold VX-3HD, VX-5HD, and VX-6HD, offering a range of choices to suit various shooting preferences and scenarios.

Own B-Leupold VX6HD

Ultimate Guide to LEUPOLD OPTICS

Book Your Trial Day

Experience the superior performance of Merkel rifles topped with Leupold scopes firsthand. To book your trial day, please contact the West London Shooting School reception team at 020 8845 1377 or email

Join us to discover why Merkel rifles and Leupold scopes represent the pinnacle of shooting excellence. Whether fine-tuning your skills or considering a new rifle or scope, West London Shooting School provides the perfect backdrop to make an informed decision.

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