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Drop Gear Episode 4 Part 1 – The Wales Trip

Drop Gear Episode 4 Part 1 – The Wales Trip

For the fourth episode of Drop Gear Andy and Andrew, dodging the Welsh weather and everything it can throw at them, take refuge within the warmth of the WMS classroom. Like most old men they reminisce on past hunting practices and experiences they have enjoyed around the world over the last four decades. 

Sat with a warming brew Andy expresses his appreciation of classic traditional hunting practises and how he finds hunting close up with open sighted Merkel rifles, coupled with the art of field craft, has possibly now been superseded by modern equipment mainly adopted by today’s modern shooter. The two take a deep dive on how they feel too many shooters rely on technology over instinctive hunting and good old-fashioned practice makes perfect.

Andy explains how he does use several low powered Leupold scopes on his Merkel rifles along with Leupold binoculars and range finders but has yet to step into the 21st century and incorporate thermal or night vision into his kit. And never will! (he says).


Andrew talks about the variety of shooters now coming through the training process at WMS and how his clients and their equipment has changed over the last 30 years, from a 4×36 Pecar 25mm scope to  Leupold mark 5, 5-25×56, also how he too has both an understanding of the old ways but does not dismiss the introduction of more powerful optics offered by companies like Leupold. The now common use of night vision and thermal equipment that can bring a totally different aspect to woodland hunting during the day when used in conjunction with good binoculars.

The two agree that as you get older, reliance on better optics especially in low light will aid those ageing eyes and only quality optics will be an investment that can be relied upon in tough hunting conditions experienced by most avid hunters. Unlike other videos on the Viking channel, part one of the Welsh Trip episode has taken a podcast approach, to not skim over thoughts and ideas of the two avid hunters Andy Norris and Andrew Venables. This practically unedited podcast really goes into detail of the two’s past experience and their thoughts on the dying practice of open sights. Enjoy

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