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Exploring Lead-Free Ammunition - Sellier & Bellot eXergy blue bullets

Exploring Lead-Free Ammunition - Sellier & Bellot eXergy blue bullets

Manufacturers like Sellior & Bellot are pioneering the development of lead-free ammunition that is as effective as lead-based ammunition. This is making lead-free ammunition a more attractive option for hunters and shooters. 

The cost of lead-free ammunition has also come down in recent years, making it more affordable for hunters and shooters. Previous concerns about the performance of lead-free ammunition in terms of accuracy and effectiveness continue to be quashed as field testing proves that lead-free ammunition is a viable and non-toxic alternative to lead. Lead-free ammunition can provide superior accuracy and performance compared to traditional lead ammunition. Some hunters prefer to use copper, steel, or other non-lead alloys as they can offer a flatter trajectory, better penetration, and more consistent expansion.

Comparison studies have revealed that despite varied bullet weights and designs, no major differences arose in shot reaction or run off distances with lead-free rounds.


Sellier & Bellot’s innovative eXergy Blue lead-free bullets are available in a wide range of calibres to cater for all UK stalkers and hunters who travel. They are used extensively by European shooters, for hunting anything from moose to muntjac. Their unique velocity and ballistics performance promise “the ultimate knockdown.”

In this latest GunMart video, Pete Moore put a 180-grain 8x57 JS/JRS round to the test.


This unleaded bullet features a solid copper boat-tail design. Its extra-pointed blue plastic ballistic tip features a cannelure groove for controlled expansion and cross grooves for optimised internal ballistics.

Weight differences are compensated for by a longer overall design that enables an extremely flat trajectory and maximum retained energy.

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The BLUE is a great thumper that will fell even larger animals. Sellier & Bellot specify shot speed at 2637 ft/sec, 2802 ft⋅lb - impressive for a sub-2700 ft/sec bullet.

The shell’s heavier 180-grain weight influences its range: Sellier & Bellot’s maximum recommended distance is 160 m. Predictably, the load starts at 1700 ft⋅lb around 180 m.

Ballistics performance

BLue’s longer design enhances expansion “at all ranges” for increased velocity and effectiveness. Shot speeds averaged 2491 ft/sec, 2500 ft⋅lb with a short barrel. At 150 yards, shots achieved +/- 2079 ft/sec, 1722 ft⋅lb. Exergy Blue's feed and chamber smoothly giving good down range muzzle energy during all tests. Speeds increase potentially by 100ft per second per extra barrellage. Sellier and Bellot eXergy Blue show great consistency at these speeds even with a longer barrel. All testing in this instance was carried out between 100 and 200 yards.


We achieved 1” grouping at 100 m with our woodland-oriented test scope: a better scope would improve targeting. With a long barrelled rifle and a higher magnification rifle scope, a hunter in the field would achieve better results.

Recoil was acceptably controlled - neither mild nor violent.


It’s great to see accurate lead-free ammunition available to hunters and stalkers in an array of different calibres. Sellier and Bellot eXergy Blue have designed and engineered an ammunition range that perfectly meets the needs of those working in deer management across the UK and beyond. This premium lead-free ammunition is definitely worth trying.

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