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Merkel Helix Speedster Fast Bolt-Action Rifle Review

Merkel Helix Speedster Fast Bolt-Action Rifle Review

There’s a reason they call it the Speedster, it’s the fastest gun in the world.

Whether you’re looking for a professional series rifle with a synthetic stock or a heritage with a wooden stock ranging from grade 2 to 11, the Merkel Helix has it, the Speedster is a rifle you should strongly consider purchasing.


With a fluted or round barrel, and a detachable three or five-shot magazine, available in a range of calibres from a .222 Remington to a .338 Winchester magnum this rifle will serve the needs of any shooter. It’s no surprise that the Speedster is one of the most popular Merkel rifles across Europe.


One of the most impressive features is the Speedster Stock, with Soft-Touch inlays. The stock comb can be easily adjusted by removing the recoil pad and using an allen key to adjust the Memory Cheek-Piece will always return to the height you require.

It’s developed a huge following with deer stalkers, particularly anyone involved hind culls where you might need to take three shots very quick succession to get the numbers of deer needed for the estate cull plan.

“It’s also popular with recreational stalkers because it’s easy to travel with,” Andy adds. “You can quickly take it down into three parts – stock and action, barrel, and fore-end.”

“You’ve finished stalking for the day and you’re off to the hotel: just take off the fore-end, pull the lever and the barrel comes away from the action and stock. You don’t even need a table, you can do it standing up.”

“The three parts fit easily in a case or holdall. You can even take out the bolt face, and carry that in your pocket for extra security. So you don’t draw attention to yourself carrying a big gun case into the hotel. It’s discreet.”


One notable feature about the Speedster is the ‘memory lock’ adjustable comb. Once you set the comb height you want, you can push the comb down for transport or storage. Then with the press of a button it comes straight back up to your setting.

It’s easy to strip down, making it excellent for travel. The forend slides off, and at the simple pull of a lever, the rifle splits into two. In fact, it’s so easy to strip down, you won’t even need a table.

The ergonomic design of the bolt allows for easy access from the trigger, and also means you don’t have to move your face off the stock whilst reloading like other rifles on the market. They have also removed the bridge so you can lift your hand straight out, again faster than other brands offerings on the market.

The Merkel Helix Speedster comes in an array of calibres from .222 to .338 Win. Prices from £3,425.

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