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Mossberg 940 Pro Field: the new top contender sporting semi automatic shotgun

Mossberg 940 Pro Field: the new top contender sporting semi automatic shotgun

Could the Mossberg 940 Pro Field be one of the most durable and well-rounded hunting/sporting semi-auto shotguns, at an affordable price? Viking Arms teams up with shooting expert Drennan Kendernine to find out on a couple of cloudy days in the UK shooting ducks, pigeons and clays.

The Mossberg 940 Pro Field includes a robust gas-driven cycle system designed for sports shooters, that can shoot up to 1500 rounds between cleans. It's designed to last and is corrosion resistant internally and externally. The gun is built to last and it shows. Drennan comments on the impressive build quality of the 940 Pro Field: "it really is built, its built like a tank ... I quite like it actually".

Behind cover, with his digital ear plugs in, Drennan loads some steel shells into his 940 Pro Field and is downing ducks over the flight pond in no time. In the late evening it starts to drizzle, and Drennan is unfazed about leaving the gun out to the elements: "I'm not trying to protect it. That's the sort of gun you want for this job and the Mossberg does it perfectly".


The next day Drennan heads out to a field to see if he can have any luck shooting pigeons. He sets up some cover and some decoys and sits waiting for the Birds to start coming in to his decoy pattern. With lightning reactions, the shotgun is trained on a pigeon some way out. One shot is fired, followed quickly by a second, and the bird falls. The semi-auto loading comes in handy here because of its ease to load within a net hide and that extra 3rd shot if needed when the Birds come in more than one at a time.

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The 940 Pro Field exhibits a few features that may not be found on a shotgun in the UK, as Drennan explains. The safety is located on the front of the shotgun, making sure that it'll never get in the way of your trigger. An oversized bolt handle with a rubberised grip makes for really easy sliding when loading. The gas fed system combined with the sturdiness of the shotgun helps soak up recoil so that a follow-up shot is never out of the question. Sometimes it's the small things in life.

Finally, the Mossberg combined with steel cartridges makes easy work of the clays thrown at Drennan from a short, and from a long 'ridiculous' distance. For a trained shooter, almost any situation falls into the realm of possibility with the Mossberg 940 Pro Field.

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