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One of a kind, fairy-tale Merkel hunting rifle – The Snow Witch

One of a kind, fairy-tale Merkel hunting rifle – The Snow Witch

We can’t offer you a fairy-tale marriage, but we can offer you a fairy-tale Merkel rifle!


Established in 1898, Merkel flourished in what is often referred as the ‘Golden Age’ of firearms engraving. It was customary to gift prestigiously handcrafted engraved firearms to people of high status, military leaders, business associates and members of one’s family. It was not only a popular and significant gift, but also appreciated and enjoyed as art at fairs where the magnificent metal latticework of engravers was exhibited.


There is a reason why Merkel’s hunting weaponry is highly valued and their beautiful and greatly sought-after work regarded as masterpieces. With six in house engravers, their craftsmanship compares to no other. It takes many years of apprenticeship, rigorous training, vocational adjustments, and practice before Merkel specialist engravers take the graver, hammer and chisel to a Merkel rifle to create delicate magic on metal. These engravers all have their individual and refined strengths which make up a powerful team of engravers and masters of arabesque patterns with stylised tendrils, masters of animal motives, hyper-realistic engraving of traditional or dream-like art, portraits or scenes, and seals or insignias.


Merkel’s artists deeply understand, respect, and follow the tradition of firearm engraving. Their skills and appreciation for the history and tradition of this discipline bestow upon them the ability to naturally marry the themes of hunting, magic and art together showcased through their elegant filigree work.

When Merkel invited one of their expert engravers to decorate a Helix rifle with no restriction on budget  the outcome was breathtakingly delightful. A true one-of-a-kind, fairy-tale inspired, artistry that has gravitated across the globe, paraded and celebrated within all global arms exhibitions. This rifle was made by a passionate engraver who has pushed the limits of his craftsmanship to the extreme with his artwork evoking melodies of magic, enchantment, and fairy-tails.


From transcribing the outline of his imaginations using only his trained eye, scriber and steel compasses, the talented engraver begins the delicate process of shaving the metal to make his vision come to life. With the hammer, chisel and graver of various thickness and blade shapes in hand, using gentle, but tactful strokes creatures of the forest emerge from the shavings and Snow Witch makes her appearance. Files of different cut levels and abrasiveness,   with various precious materials reveal the existence of a real-life Merkel fair-tale, the exclusive Snow Witch.

This exquisite, original and one-of-a-kind Merkel Snow Witch rifle is available to the UK market only. For such a unique masterpiece already appreciated abroad it really is quite special and is ready to be taken home by a connoisseur of rifles, valuer of fine work and a lover of all things hunting, magic and art for £26,000.

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