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Roebuck Hunting with the Merkel Helix Speedster

Roebuck Hunting with the Merkel Helix Speedster

There’s something magical about finishing off a hunt with the perfect shot using the Merkel Helix Speedster just as the sun is setting.

The UK's Viking Arms teamed up with professional hunter Owen Beardmore who shows off the brilliant capability of the Merkel Helix Speedster, his personal favourite rifle, while stalking an elusive Roebuck in the English countryside on a summer’s evening. The hunter-rifle combo got the better of the Cotswold buck with lovely six-pointer from a respectable 60 yards.


Roebuck stalking has never been better than with the Merkel Helix Speedster. It encompasses an ultra-ergonomic design that provides a modern, reliable and intuitive experience for stalkers. The Speedster features a revolutionary synthetic SpeedStock, which makes positioning hassle-free. The automatically adjustable stock comb makes adjusting as simple as the push of a button, while the cheek piece utilities a memory function to make shooting positions quick to reproduce.


This all combines with its OmegaGrip which blends the best aspects of a pistol and thumb grip together to form a unique hybrid. The stock has a bridgeless thumbhole that is opened to allow the thumb to slide in and out of the grip rather than the obtrusive bridge of a classic closed thumbhole design, giving a quicker transition between grip and bolt operation while reducing strain when handling the cocking lever. The steep design of the pistol grip ensures perfect ergonomics when squeezing the Helix trigger.

The straight-pull bolt features a 1:2 transmission which makes the bolt action quick, as the hunter only pulls half the distance. The bolt is also a closed system with the handle just above the trigger so that the hunter remains unobstructed and can keep shooting precisely when needed most. The Helix Speedster is also very versatile in its offerings of calibres, where a removable barrel and bolt head enable cartridge options from .222 Rem. up to .338 Win Mag.

The Merkel Helix Speedster truly is a remarkable rifle for the modern hunter. When precision and speed are most needed out in the field the highly reliable and intuitive Speedster delivers, every time.

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