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Scottish Stalking with the Ruger American Ranch Rifle

Scottish Stalking with the Ruger American Ranch Rifle

There is a good reason why the Ruger American Ranch Rifles are known for their reliability, versatility, performance, and affordability. Andy from the Viking Arms team spent a week with professional deer stalking legend Chris Dalton at South Ayrshire Stalking putting the Ruger American Ranch Rifle to the test.

As a staunch traditionalist who loves his grade seven or eight walnut European guns, Andy decided to go all American for his week in Scotland. With a fully American-made Ruger Ranch Rifle, a pick-up truck and a Leupold scope to complete the all-American kit, Andy was excited, to say the least … Yeehaw!



The competitively priced Ruger Ranch was an impressive pocket rocket and performed extremely well during foxing hunts out of the pickup truck and even better with the roe deer. There are a number of great features in this legendary American Rifle that make it an incredibly popular piece of equipment. These features are included in not only the Ranch, but also the Standard, Predator, Hunter, and Compact Rifles.

Ergonomic and lightweight synthetic stock design make for quick and easy handling of the rifle; simple but important qualities that make this Rifle legendary. The Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger provides hunters a crisp release with a user-adjustable pull weight of between 3 and 5 pounds. A necessary addition for shooters to cultivate a flawless shot. Its patented power bedding block system allows the receiver to be located and free-floats the barrel providing outstanding accuracy. Ruger Rifles one-piece picatinny scope base and soft rubber buttpad for maximum recoil reduction aids in supporting a perfect shot.

ruger-american-ranch-centre-1A Ruger Rifle that has everything. Nice and slick, this action rifle comes with an AR-Style 10 round magazine in .223 with 1:7” RH Twists which means you can use the American M16 AR magazine 30 shot and some reasonably priced military ammo, if you can find any these days. The rifle also works exceptionally well with the lead-free S&B and the S&B standard 55 grain soft point. Andy demonstrated the Ruger Ranch Rifles standard 10 shot magazine with a quick release feature is still superb for foxing and deer stalking with his excellent shot of a magnificent roe deer at South Ayrshire Stalking alongside Chris Dalton.


The one-piece, three-lug bolt with 70-degree throw supports maximum clearance and utilises a full diameter bolt body with dual cocking cams which allow for a smooth and easy cycling off the shoulder. One of the most adaptable and use friendly rifles on the market, the Ruger Ranch also includes a visible, accessible, and easy-to-actuate tang safety which is crucial for instant security and protection.

Ruger Ranch-AN04

Outstanding in all its features, competitive pricing, accuracy and performance, the Ruger American Ranch Rifle has proven itself to professional deer stalker Chris Dalton, and Viking Arms team member and gun enthusiast, Andy a capable and wonderful little package.

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