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Shooting Boar in Wiltshire

Shooting Boar in Wiltshire

Andy Norris and the Viking Arms team headed to Wiltshire for some boar shooting practice at the weekend. Fair enough they weren't real boar, they were boar-shaped targets but it was still fun!

The team were there to test out Merkel guns with some lead-free ammunition on the new Widdington Shoot rifle range on the edge of Salisbury Plain. The site has, in Andy's words, 'everything you could ever want!' complete with game shoot, clay shoot and now a wild boar shoot.

Andy caught up with Widdington Shoot owner Jeremy Horton and Matt of Greenfields Guns in Salisbury to put the Merkel Double Rifle 140, Merkel RX-Helix Alpinist .308 and Sellier & Bellot eXerngy blue lead-free ammunition down range. Here's how they got on:

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More about the guns we use in this video:

  • Merkel Double Rifle 140 is a favoured gun of many professional hunters and are available in most common calibres from 30.06 Spring to 470 Nitro, from PH Grade to Exhibition.
  • Merkel RX-Helix Alpinist has a forest green soft touch stock and oversized bolt handle, it's available in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths from 222 – 300wm, all with threaded and removable sights.
  • Sellier & Bellot eXergy Blue hunting lead-free line of ammunition features the homonymous solid copper bullet with tapered base and pointed nose to guaranty a flat trajectory. The blue plastic tip enhances expansion at all ranges, while the solid copper construction maximises weight retention and energy transfer. The bullet is completely lead-free.

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