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Stalking a Gold Medal Roe Buck with Primal Nomad Bushcraft and Chris Dalton

Stalking a Gold Medal Roe Buck with Primal Nomad Bushcraft and Chris Dalton

Winning a Lucky Hunter competition, Liam Lynch enjoyed two days’ deer stalking with Chris Dalton and Graeme of South Ayrshire Stalking. Between enjoying the estate’s summer house and venison sausages, he took a Gold Medal Roe buck.

Vicariously enjoying Liam’s adventures, we discussed gear and ethical hunting. Liam used a Haenel Jäger 10 synthetic rifle in.243 with a B&T Tiger SD suppressor and a Leupold VX3 HD scope, “providing a sharp picture in heavy rain". 

“Being a new DSC1 holder, it was incredible to stalk and learn about roe.” Liam doesn’t hunt seeking trophies: “This stalk was a significant step, and harvesting a Gold Medal was unbelievable - but I most value participating in managing a truly magnificent species.”


The Gold Medal Roe buck

Liam and Chris Dalton set out before sunrise, knowing heavy rain would keep deer at the woodland’s edge, making shooting more challenging.Walking single file to avoid over-silhouetting, their track overlooked beautiful deciduous forest, open fields and intertwining hedges.

Chris spotted two Roe deer as the rain eased.

His rifle steadied on his Viper Pro Sticks, Liam’s scope was fogged and defocused. The deer noticed them, the doe obstructing a clean shot. Time evaporated as Chris adjusted the parallax while Liam cleaned the lens.

Liam fired.

“It felt solid,” he said.  “My gear gave me a steady aim, clear picture - and a flat trajectory for a swift, humane shot. But which deer had bolted?” Stalking dog Zosia’s bark confirmed the takedown.

“Not many people get to shoot a Gold Medal buck,” Chris said. After gralloching the animal, Liam decided to shoulder mount it, showcasing its beautiful colouration and perfect black antlers.

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Later, Liam and Graeme stalked a roe buck into a small valley. Liam’s shot was true. After becoming disoriented following the deer’s trail over undulating hills, bloodstains led to a second beautiful buck.

After respectfully gralloching and carrying the animal, Liam enjoyed a post-hunt pipe at the summer house amidst incredible Scottish scenery. “A relaxing end to what started as a very bleak day,” he smiled.

Hunting for conservation

Conservation hunting is a big-picture exercise aimed at counterbalancing the effects of human activity: climate change, habitat destruction, pollution and extinction. Controlled hunting generates income to support wildlands, sustaining their economic priority over farmlands and developments.

Plus, game meat is more sustainable, ethical and healthier.

Hunters and gamekeepers act as stewards of the land, managing game to maintain ecological balance. “The Gold Medal buck wasn’t primarily taken as a trophy - he’d spread his genes and was in decline from his prime,” Liam stated.

“Following our management plan, it was time to cull him and let the next buck challenge his medal position,” Chris continued.

The quality of the estate’s management showed in the quality of Liam’s buck, the stalking experience and quantity of viable deer during even adverse conditions. “Taking that buck was a privilege,” Liam said. “Having field experience with the person I completed my DSC1 with was an honour.”

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