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The Breda Shotgun: a serious entry level gun

The Breda Shotgun: a serious entry level gun

Breda guns are synonymous with great quality semi-automatics, so the Breda Zenith is one of their first attempts at an over and under. Let’s take a look at whether the Zenith is an impressive gun.

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The appearance of the gun is sleek and modern, made from solid grade four wood with a nicely contoured black rubber pad at the back. The safety on top does incorporate the barrel selector and comes in black that has been blued to match the barrel. Both levers are slightly oversized but are more than grippy and are easy to use.


The same finish is applied to the trigger and the guard. Like most guns the trigger is adjustable, although the Breda Zenith has seven predetermined slots as opposed to being a sliding trigger. This does still allow for more than adequate customisation to ensure a comfortable shoot.

The gun is chambered for 3-inch cartridges and the barrels have been proofed for steel and has even been super proofed to handle almost any load you want to use. Both barrels are ventilated and incorporate a red fibre optic sight. The gun also comes with five extended chokes which look fantastic and are machined with a square pattern.


In terms of other options, the gun can come in a sporting or trap configuration, with 28-, 30- or 32-inch barrels. It weighs in at 3.66kgs and comes with a black plastic case and a pair of socks to store both the stock and barrel when separated.

The gun is priced as a serious entry level gun and is great value for what you get.

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