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The Viking Arms Ultimate Guide to Gun Cleaning

The Viking Arms Ultimate Guide to Gun Cleaning

Our latest ultimate guide is out now. In this edition, we're focusing on everything you need to know about rifle and shotgun cleaning.

If you're looking for advice on how to clean your gun, you've come to the right place. In our 'Ultimate Guide to Gun Cleaning' you'll find all the answers to your gun cleaning questions.

Download the Viking Arms Ultimate Guide to Gun Cleaning

In the Army keeping your small arms and heavy weapons clean and functional is a very serious business, carrying punishment if you don’t get it done. Put it this way; if it doesn’t work properly, or can’t work at all, then it’s no good to man or beast! However, in sports shooting the view to this essential task is not always treated with the same degree of attention it deserves.

Some people almost proudly boast that they’ve never cleaned their guns, nor will they, others are perhaps too anal and lavish a bit too much attention on the subject. In this feature we seek to find a sensible middle ground for maximum efficiency and also go a bit further in terms of peripheral areas, where sensible measures can be taken to ensure protection and longevity of your precious equipment. After all it was your hard earned cash that bought it.

What's inside?

  • How to clean a shotgun
  • How often should you clean a shotgun?
  • Best shotgun cleaning rod
  • How to clean a new shotgun
  • What should be in my rifle cleaning kit?
  • Hoe to set up your rifle cleaning station
  • What should be in your rifle scope cleaning kit?
    And much, much more . . . access your free guide here.



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