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Ultimate Guide to the 30 Calibre

Ultimate Guide to the 30 Calibre

It’s fair to say that .30 might just be the greatest rifle calibre the world has ever known, if sales and popularity are to guide us. This hyper-successful calibre has been with us for well over 100-years and despite the rise of more trendy and fashionable cartridges, still has a loyal and devoted following all around the world.

Further, it can be shown, without question, that it’s one of the most effective rounds ever made, in both the world of hunting and the arena of target shooting, as well as having a distinguished military career. It appears in many, many guises, offering capabilities that suit a hundred different situations.

You'll find all the information you need to know about the UK ammunition laws and the guns that use this ammunition and the bullets themselves. 


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What's inside?

Insights, tips and facts, everything you need to know about the .30 calibre.

    • History and military use of the .30 calibre
    • What can you hunt with a .30-06?
    • What does it mean when you compare a .308 vs .30-06?

... and more.


Why is .308 so popular in the UK?

It was estimated at that one time more than 60% of all the deer shot in the UK were taken each year with the .308, such was its popularity. It’s a versatile cartridge and also very capable, which is why people simply love it. You can get 125 grain loads for fox, 150 grain loads that will comfortably take Muntjac, Roe, Chinese Water Deer, Fallow and Sika, while the very biggest lowland Red stags are best taken with the 165grain heavyweight. Another positive is that every gun shop carries factory .308 ammo, so you’ll never struggle to get what you need. There’s also a huge choice of rifles chambered in .308, so again, you’ll be able to find what you really like with no bother. Bargain hunters will find plenty of good quality second-hand rifles on the dealer’s shelves too. Although it has more recoil than smaller cartridges like the .243, just about anybody can easily manage it. .308 also has a fantastic history as a target round, being used in many competitions, including 1000-yard matches emphasising its accuracy potential. It is truly one of the greatest cartridges ever offered.

.30 is truly a remarkable calibre that has delivered the goods to keen shooters around the world for such a long time. Sure, there may be some younger calibres that are snapping at its heels, but for many, the .30 gives them everything they need in a round that they know and trust to deliver every time they pull the trigger.

At Viking Arms we're proud of our reputation for importing quality ammunition into the UK. We're also committed to responsible gun ownership and making shooting sports and hunting accessible and understandable. 

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