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Watch: Come take a tour of the historic Savage Arms factory

Watch: Come take a tour of the historic Savage Arms factory

The amazing Chris Parkin of Chris Parkin Shooting Sports takes us on an adventure of a lifetime, a complete tour of Savage Arms Factory Tour!Located in Westfield, Massachusetts, USA, Savage Arms has been an industry leading arms manufacturer with a rich history that dates back to 1891. A tour of any factory would be exciting, but a tour of one of the oldest and most reliable gun manufacturers in the world? Now that is a once in a lifetime opportunity, which Chris was generous enough to share with us in the style of a vlog. Watch as Chris takes us through every step of the manufacturing process, from beginning to end, showcasing the care that goes into creating these amazing products. 


The video starts with Chris signing in at the entrance, which is decorated to highlight the rich history of Savage Arms. Much of this history can be seen within the decor of the factory, with artefacts like the original logo on display. You can also see the arms Savage made throughout its history on display, with guns manufactured as far back as 1890. This showcases how Savage Arms will continue to remember their past as they push forward.

Next, Chris Parkin takes us around the Engineering Research and Development section. The fact that we are able to see much of the craftsmanship being done by hand rather than automation highlights the care put into each gun manufactured. As we go further into the tour, we get to see different parts being developed to create that perfect end product. The broaching action raceways are the first to be displayed for us, crafting the perfect receivers in both a horizontal and vertical machine. Next we see the deep drilling machines that create the primary hole within the barrel and the button rifling. After that, they contour and crown the barrel by hand! This ensures that proper inspection can be done of each barrel, ensuring each is a straight shot. 

After that extensive process, the barrels get cleaned and polished. At this point, they move onto the receiver, heat treating through magnetic induction heating and then queuing. The amount of heat used within the process is so intense that the machine requires 3 whole days to cool down after use! The bolts also take around 5 hours to be polished within the machine, showcasing that even the machines treat the products with care. After all this, the parts of the gun start to be assembled together. We can see each stage is done by hand, highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into every gun made. By the end of the video, we see Chris take his turn attempting to assemble a gun for his hunting trip. Watch till the end of the video to see the results!

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