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How to Clean Your .308 Bolt Action Rifle

What is the best way to clean a .308 bolt action rifle? Viking Arms' Andy Norris takes us through the rifle cleaning process step by step.

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Viking at the South Yorkshire Shooting Show 2021

We're delighted to be on home ground and exhibiting at this year's South Yorkshire Shooting Show where we'll be unveiling the latest Leupold BX-T binoculars on their first UK outing.

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Breda,italian shotgun,breda shotgun,semi-automatic shotgun

Jekyll or Hyde? BREDA semi-automatic shotgun 930i review

Drennan Kenderdine tests two versions of Breda’s cracking competition grade 930i, and finds them as different as Jekyll and Hyde in character!

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Chris Abbott goes goose shooting in North Yorkshire

All of a sudden the last day of the inland wildfowling season was upon us, so I headed off for the morning flight decoying with Vikings photographer David North in tow. I explained that where we were heading to has a large Dam close by where the Geese roost and flight in and out of when feeding on the sewn grass fields I shoot.

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Breda,italian shotgun,breda shotgun,semi-automatic shotgun

Is this the best semi-automatic shotgun for competition clay shooting?

One glance at the Breda 930i will tell you it’s a top of the range semi-automatic shotgun made for competition clay shooting. But is it the best on the market?

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Ultimate Guide to the 22 Calibre

At Viking Arms we're proud of our reputation for importing quality ammunition into the UK. We're also committed to responsible gun ownership and making shooting sports and hunting accessible and understandable. That's why we've created this ultimate guide to the .22 calibre.

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