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Viking Arms Receives MOD Award Following Armed Forces Covenant Pledge

Viking Arms has received a bronze award from the MOD’s Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). The accolade follows Viking Arms’ signing of the Armed Forces Covenant earlier this month.

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The Best Air Rifle accessories in the UK

Airguns are all about precision and accuracy, and a few well-chosen accessories and air rifle supplies can really help in making your shots count.

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A 'refined' sporting semi-automatic shotgun

Breda 930i Sporting: On Test

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Viking shoots for success with new team member

Viking are delighted to welcome Emily Mather as the newest addition to the sporting sales team.

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Breda,italian shotgun,shotgun shooting,breda shotgun,semi-automatic shotgun,semi-auto shotgun

Gun test: Breda B3.5 SM semi-automatic shotgun

This month, Mike Yardley is testing the Breda B3.5 SM – a reliable workhorse that’s smart, well-proportioned and easy to clean, all at a competitive price point. An ideal shotgun for keepers!

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Ruger guns: an American dream weathering the supply chain storm

From a country steeped in shooting history from Wild West brawls, Davy Crockett at the Alamo to the Battle of Gettysburg and frontier living at its most extreme as depicted in The Revenant, the American’s have spent centuries developing guns for everyman and everywoman to use in every situation.

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Viking Arms Launch Leupold Gold Ring Dealer Collaboration

Viking Arms are delighted to launch the new Leupold Gold Ring Dealer Collaboration. The Leupold Gold Ring Dealer initiative supports UK gun traders, shooting schools and gun shops to grow their business and win a larger share of the UK optics market.

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Could you handle a Haenel bolt action rifle?

I think it’s fair to say that we’d all like to stand out from the crowd a little, or at least not be seen as just the same as everybody else. This applies to our cars, our clothes and yes, in our rifles too. Of course, there are products that are just so good that we feel compelled to buy the same model as our mates but it’s nice to buy something different when you can.

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