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Hunting Scottish Hinds in Loch Lomond

Hunting Scottish Hinds in Loch Lomond

Over two days, in the cold grip of early February 2016, our stalkers trekked over Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in the Scottish Highlands on the hunt for deer.

The first day began with a short boat ride on a small wooden boat, through some of the scenic Scottish countryside. After the team unloaded their equipment on the shore, they began to plot their pathway up the mountainous landscape in their stalking quest. Although a sunny day, the cold winter breeze swept across the hilltops. Once at the peak, the stalkers spotted a small herd of deer and carefully moved into position to take the shot. With one shot from the rifle, the group hit their first deer and with two more shots from behind a boulder, a second deer fell. Carefully and respectfully our stalkers remove the innards from the deer and prepare the carcasses to be transported back down the hills as they trek back.


As they travel on they find another herd of deer on the slope. One of the stalkers uses a boulder to rest his rifle on and takes aim. His first shot misses, and the deer are quick to move out of sight. With that our hunters decide to move on, calling an end to the first day of hunting.

Our second day begins with a buggy ride across the terrain, climbing in altitude. Today’s weather is considerably different, overcast and foggy, with snowfall overnight making the ground far more treacherous, and the scenery far more picturesque. Upon disembarking the buggy, the stalkers spot another herd of deer across the Scottish Highlands and make off on foot after them. It was a long hike across the snow-covered terrain, and after some time our stalkers are moving close enough to take their shots. The stalkers crawl up to the lip of the mountain, and in two quick shots take down the deer they have been stalking for so long. They’re not done though as they spot another deer, and crawl into position with their rifle to take aim again. With three clean shots, the stalkers hit a deer and two calves, and with such a successful shoot, the day drew to an end.

We were extremely privileged to be invited by Falcon Frost to the private estate and both days feature Pro Stalking kit from Merkel, Haenel, Lapua, B&T and 3HGR.

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