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Viking Arms Expands Portfolio To Become A Leading UK Ammunition Distributor

Viking Arms Expands Portfolio To Become A Leading UK Ammunition Distributor

Viking Arms is pleased to announce that it is expanding its portfolio of ammunition brands.

Following the acquisition of Ammotec by the Beretta group, Viking Arms will now be adding Federal, CCI, and Speer ammo to our portfolio.

With the inclusion of Federal, CCI, and Speer ammunition, Viking Arms will now stand as one of the UK's top importers and distributors of ammunition to the UK gun market. 


Federal Ammunition, globally respected for its high-quality and varied product offerings, is a popular choice for UK shooters across disciplines. With a diverse range of ammunition suitable for hunting and shooting sports Federal caters to a broad spectrum of firearm uses. Federal Ammunition is synonymous with consistent quality and performance, appealing to UK gun owners who value reliability. As environmental concerns rise, Federal has proactively developed lead-free primers and bullets, aligning with the eco-conscious ethos of an evolving market. 


CCI, or Cascade Cartridges Inc., is an esteemed American ammunition manufacturer celebrated for its exceptional quality, innovative rimfire ammunition, and commitment to eco-conscious shooting solutions. As a specialist in rimfire ammunition, CCI provides a comprehensive range of products that serve various applications, including target shooting, small game hunting and pest control. Its unwavering commitment to quality control guarantees consistent performance, from reliable ignition to accuracy, making it a trusted choice for UK shooters. With offerings like lead-free bullets, CCI appeals to environmentally conscious shooters, demonstrating its forward-thinking approach to sustainable shooting practices.


Speer Ammunition, a world-renowned US-based manufacturer, brings to the UK market its innovative and high-quality ammunition offerings. Speer upholds stringent quality standards, ensuring every round offers consistent performance, whether for hunting or target practice. Speer ammunition provides UK shooters with innovative, diverse, and reliable options tailored to their specific needs, regardless of the shooting application.

The transition of Federal, CCI, and Speer ammunition supply from GMK Ltd to Viking Arms will start from October 2023, with Viking Arms aiming to offer the full range by the new year.

Sam Macarthur, Managing Director of Viking Arms;

“Viking Arms is thrilled to undertake this major step in consolidating its position within the UK ammunition market, reinforcing the company's commitment to delivering a diverse range of truly high-quality products to the gun trade sector. We have been quietly working alongside GMK who have successfully flown the Federal flag in the UK for many years, to ensure as seamless and customer focused a transition as possible.”

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