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Viking Arms Presents: A Gathering of Industry Titans at the British Shooting Show 2024

Viking Arms Presents: A Gathering of Industry Titans at the British Shooting Show 2024

In a groundbreaking first for the British Shooting Show, Viking Arms is set to host an unprecedented gathering of specialists from the forefront of the hunting and sporting industry at the NEC in 2024.

We're thrilled to invite showgoers to our Viking Arms stand for an exclusive opportunity to engage directly with a panel of world-class experts representing the pinnacle of shotgun, optics, rifle, and ammunition craftsmanship:

  • Maurizio Castellani, the pioneering mind behind the Castellani brand, renowned for premium sporting gear.
  • Bill (BJ) Hoeting, JR. Director of International Sales at Sturm, Ruger & Co., will share insights into the world of rugged, robust and reliable hunting rifles, target shooting rifles and pistols.
  • Erica Basile, the International Sales Manager at O.F. Mossberg, offers deep expertise in the latest advancements in pump and semi-auto shotguns, rifles and pistols for all disciplines and fields.

As a bonus for our 2024 show attendees, don't miss the chance to participate in our exclusive competition to win a state-of-the-art RX-1400i TBR/W Gen 2 Rangefinder, valued at £270. Join us for this unparalleled assembly of industry leaders, only at Viking Arms.

International Brands and the UK Shooting Market

The UK shooting sporting market has long been recognised as a vibrant and influential arena for brands globally, especially for those founded in countries with strong traditions in firearms and outdoor equipment, such as the United States and Italy. Viking Arms will be exhibiting at the British Shooting Show at the NEC in February 2024 alongside the international brands that they represent underscoring the strategic importance of the UK market.

Global Visibility and Prestige

The UK's rich history and culture in shooting sports, combined with stringent regulations, have fostered a market that values quality, innovation, and tradition. Brands from the United States and Italy, countries with their storied histories in firearms and sporting goods, find the UK market attractive because success here often translates to enhanced global prestige. Participation in the British Shooting Show alongside Viking Arms offers these brands a platform to showcase their products to a discerning audience that appreciates heritage and quality shooting goods.

Brands like Castellani, known for their premium sporting gear, and Sturm, Ruger & Co., recognised for their rugged and reliable firearms, are drawn to the UK for its consumer base that demands high standards. The opportunity to engage directly with these consumers through their UK suppliers Viking Arms, provides invaluable feedback and brand loyalty that is hard to replicate in other markets.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion

Partnering with Viking Arms offers these brands a direct channel into the UK market. Viking Arms' reputation and established distribution network mean that brands like O.F. Mossberg can efficiently reach retailers and consumers. Furthermore, these partnerships allow brands to tailor their offerings to meet the specific tastes and requirements of the UK market, enhancing their appeal and competitiveness.

Education and Advocacy

The UK's strict regulations on firearms ownership emphasise safety, training, and responsible use. Brands and manufacturers see this as an opportunity to align themselves with these values through education and advocacy. By participating in events like the British Shooting Show, brands have a platform to demonstrate their commitment to safety and responsible shooting sports. Engaging with the shooting community in this way not only fosters goodwill but also educates potential consumers on the proper and ethical use of firearms.

For brands founded in the United States and Italy, the UK shooting sporting market represents a confluence of tradition, quality, and sophistication. The decision to partner with UK suppliers Viking Arms is driven by the strategic opportunity to access a discerning consumer base, navigate regulatory landscapes, and enhance global brand prestige. Viking Arms’ stand at The British Shooting Show 2024, exemplifies the importance of the UK market as a pivotal arena for international brands aiming to solidify their presence and legacy in the world of shooting sports.

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