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Watch: Hushpower .410 Shooter’s Big Crow Day

Watch: Hushpower .410 Shooter’s Big Crow Day

Hit after hit! This video from Rob of the ‘Fieldsports with Speed’ YouTube channel shows just how effective the Hushpower .410 can be in the right hands.

On a sunny day when the breeze is just right, sometimes you’ve got to take your shooting kit out for a spin. Perfect conditions don’t always lead to perfect shots, but for Rob of Fieldsports with Speed, having elite shooting skills doesn't leave much to chance.

He filmed an especially good shooting day out with his Hushpower .410 gauge and shared it with the YouTube shooting community via the video below. In it, you can watch Rob’s “last minute decision to get out on some pesky corvids” turn a visit to a silage pit into a successful takedown of more than 100 crows.

The silage pit was beside some grass fields, and the crows in question just kept floating over, brought in by the breeze. Rob’s shots were clean and quiet- rarely missing the mark if the video can be believed! He even nabbed a “cheeky magpie” from his hide under some webbing.

See the full video here:


Rob’s own perception of his shooting goes from “I’m shooting alright so hopefully it’ll be a nice little bag,” to “I’m on fire” over the course of the video. He stopped shooting mid-way to have a clear up of any crows that had landed belly up on the field (warning off any others who may have been flying nearby) and to remove his sunglasses from their place resting on the brim of his cap, as he said that runs the risk of reflecting flashes of light into the sky. Tidy your space and take your sunnies off your head- both good tips for the novice shooter.

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“I’ve got the decoys quite close today and normally I wouldn’t have them that close,” he explains in the video, sharing another tip. “If I’d have set up with the decoys this close on a hedgerow, they’d get very suspicious…basically they’d all be a little bit cautious and wouldn’t want to come in…but because I’m buy the pit, and I’m a bit out in the open which is quite nice, they’re actually decoying really close and it’s nice to get them in close because I’m shooting the little .410 again and you need them to be close to kill them cleanly and actually build a bag.”

At Viking, we celebrate elite shooting in all its forms- and we’re not alone. Rob’s video earned glowing comments from the YouTube shooting community.

“Great video- excellent shooting,” wrote one commenter. “Just shows how effective the 410 can be in the right hands.”


Rob credits his day to the “tool that made it happen,” his Hushpower .410. Want to check out more elite sport shooting options here in the UK? Take a look at Viking’s full selection.

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