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Watch: A quick rundown of Custom Shop’s Ruger Precision Rifle

Watch: A quick rundown of Custom Shop’s Ruger Precision Rifle

Ruger’s Product Manager, Graham Rockwell, showcases the amazing Custom Shop’s Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) in 6.5 creedmoor. As the second model within the collection, Graham points out that it was customer demand that led to the creation of this fantastic bolt action rifle. Brought to us by one of Australia's leading privately owned small arms suppliers, NIOA TV, the video below very effectively and concisely outlines the amazing features that make this Custom Shop RPR the perfect hunting partner!

Initially starting the line with the 6 millimetre RPR, this rifle was developed due to the popularity of 6.5 creedmoor. Graham points out that this is their best selling model based on their original RPR series, partly due to the multiple updates made to the product. This is not surprising after seeing the love given to the previous models. The rifle comes with a stealth grey cerakote with red accents as well as magpul grip, creating a sleek and eye grabbing design. 

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One of the major updates on this product line are the changes to the barrel itself. This rifle comes with a stainless steel 4140 barrel with heavy contour and Ruger’s unique muzzle break. This really distinguishes this Custom Shop gun from the original series as the original series utilised an alloy barrel.  While alloy barrels do have their benefits, majorly that they are lighter to carry, they lack the strength and resistance to heat erosion found in steels. This upgrade ensures that your RPR is able to be adaptable to any situation or environment you need it be, making for the perfect hunting partner, all the while creating a smooth design. Moreover, Ruger products are built for durability and longevity, ensuring you are a shooting partner for life! None of this is surprising after seeing how much care goes into the creation of these products.

ruger-custom-shop-rpr The Custom Shop series has also increased the twist rates on both this model and the previous model, creating the perfect accessory for your next long range shooting adventure. The Custom Shop has created this product to ensure versatility and durability. This means that anyone at any level of long range shooting would benefit from a gun like this. So whether you are a novice or a long time shooter, the Custom Shop Ruger RPR 6.5 Creedmoor is the perfect gun for you. 

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