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Watch: Take a closer look at the Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlight

Watch: Take a closer look at the Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlight

The Youtuber and gun reviewer, sootch00, takes us on an in-depth look at the Streamlight Sidewinder, a rugged and versatile flashlight approved by the US military and available to purchase in the UK.This amazing angle-head flashlight has been a staple for decades, featuring a side switch, a convenient clip, and a unique 180-degree tilt capability. The LED version, sent for testing and evaluation by Ron at Lyon's Tactical, offers white light along with blue, red, and infrared options.


The video jumps right into the amazing features of the Streamlight Sidewinder, which provides excellent manoeuvrability with its polymer housing and rotating head. The mode control allows for easy switching between brightness levels, with a low setting of 55 lumens and a high setting lasting for ten minutes before reducing to 47 lumens. The flashlight can run in the low setting for an impressive 200 hours on LED. The standout feature is the colour options. Toggling through blue, red, and infrared, the Sidewinder proves useful for various applications, from tracking blood with blue light to providing stealthy illumination with infrared. The simple interface allows users to cycle through different modes and activate a strobe setting with ease. This ensures that all your lighting needs are met. 

The flashlight's construction is robust, featuring a scratch-proof, unbreakable polycarbonate lens and a textured body for a secure grip. The rubberised push pad, rated for 300,000 pushes, ensures durability. The Sidewinder is waterproof and can be submerged up to 1 metre for 30 minutes, emphasising its reliability in challenging conditions. The Sidewinder also includes a spring steel clip that fits belt loops or attaches to helmets, offering multiple carry options. The clip is removable and can be used with MOLLE webbing, providing versatility for various scenarios. The flashlight's design also allows for easy hands-free use by attaching it to bags with PALS webbing or other MOLLE attachments. For users wearing gloves, the Sidewinder's large size and rubberised push pad make it easy to operate. The flashlight's battery cap is glove-friendly, ensuring efficient use in demanding situations. The tethered end cap, rated for up to 25 pounds of pressure, prevents accidental loss during battery changes.


The Streamlight Sidewinder proves its durability through impact resistance testing and functional performance even after being dropped multiple times. The unique shape prevents rolling, offering stability when set down. With its user-friendly interface, colour options, and military-approved design, the Streamlight Sidewinder stands out as a reliable and versatile flashlight for a variety of applications. Available in different models and colours, it caters to specific needs, making it a valuable tool for military and survival situations.

You can explore their full selection of products here, or keep reading our news for more inspiration on how to make the most of them. 

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