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How Tough Are Leupold Rifle Scopes?

How Tough Are Leupold Rifle Scopes?

See for yourself what happened when skeptics put one Leupold rifle scope’s durability to the ultimate test (slamming it with a pile driver).

Many top shooters use Leupold rifle scopes, and for good reason! Leupold has a reputation for producing the most durable and reliable scopes on the market.

Viking Arms (and Team GB) member Joe Pask is even choosing to use Leupold Mark 5HD scopes on both his centrefire competition setups at the upcoming World Precision Rifle Championships. In his words: “I trust them entirely and have never been let down by them.”

For proof of Leupold’s legendary dependability, small arms experts at Australia’s NIOATV just took things to a ‘Mythbusters’ level of scientific experimentation- hard hats and all.

Leupold vs Pile driver

Check out how one Leupold VX-Freedom held up against an actual pile driver.

Pile Driver vs. Leupold Rifle Scope

n the most creative use of construction equipment you’ll see all week, watch the above video of NIOATV hosts selecting the Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40 Rimfire Rifle Scope and taking it for a day onsite in Brisbane.

They attach it to the side of a pile driver and subject it to 388g-force slamming as the machine pounds its way deep underground. They call it “relentless impact testing.”

The scope can be seen shaking, but it stays on the pile driver as both endure hundreds of moments of impact. In the end it has withstood a final count of 1296 pile driver slams, and looks none the worse for wear.

It’s hard to tell how much a scope is affected without using it, however. The NIOATV hosts attach it to one of their own rifles to test whether it still has that trademark Leupold clarity and high functionality at 100m, and (drumroll please)... it does.

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They Really Mean ‘Lifetime Guarantee’


Viking Arms is proud to offer Leupolds in our stock of the best rifle scopes and air rifle scopes available today. It’s unlikely that the average field sportsperson will ever subject their rifle scopes to THAT much impact or wear and tear, but we know things can happen to shooting equipment no matter how careful we are.

That’s why trusty Leupolds come with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee. That means once they’re yours, they’re yours to do what you like with- whether or not that includes stress testing them with heavy machinery.

For more info on trying a Leupold rifle scope for yourself, reach out to us here or explore our current selection at the link below.

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