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Watch: Field Testing the Versatile Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

Watch: Field Testing the Versatile Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

In the rugged landscapes of Colorado, the charismatic Chris Parkin of Chris Parkin Shooting Sports explores the capabilities of the Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter.This versatile and precise rifle is designed to meet the demands of long-range shooting and diverse hunting scenarios. This review breaks away from Chris' usual tradition as he starts this unique journey from the Savage Factory in Springfield, Massachusetts. He had the privilege to assemble his very own Savage Impulse mountain hunter and is now getting ready to test out the finished product here! 


To start the trial out, Chris takes us through some basics. The rifle is chambered with the new 7 PRC cartridge from Hornady, showcasing its efficiency with high BC, and high-performance bullets. The cartridge's design caters to modern propellants while maintaining compatibility with various barreled actions. A standout feature of the Savage Impulse is its straight-pull action, demonstrated seamlessly by Parkin. The action's innovation allows for quick cycling, enhanced by a detachable three-round magazine system, making reloading smooth and efficient. The aluminium receiver, combined with a proof research carbon fibre-wrapped stainless steel barrel, ensures stability and reliability in various shooting conditions.

Parkin highlights the rifle's adaptability, mentioning the switch barrel capability, aluminium bedding block, and adjustable Savage ACCU trigger, which contributes to the rifle's consistent accuracy. The 22-inch barrel, equipped with a muzzle brake, proved to be thermally stable and capable of sub-half MOA accuracy.The review extends to the Impulse's user-friendly features, including the integral 20 MOA Picatinny rail for easy scope mounting, ambidextrous design, and adjustable stock components for a personalised fit. The rifle's balance, particularly with the carbon fibre stock and polymer components, ensures comfort and ease of use during extended shooting sessions.

Parkin's thorough field testing covers diverse shooting scenarios, from hitting steel gongs at varying distances to engaging in a pronghorn antelope hunt. The rifle consistently performs, showcasing its precision and reliability even under aggressive use. Parkin notes the rifle's manageable recoil, thanks to the supplied muzzle brake, making it suitable for extended shooting sessions. The video concludes with an overview of the rifle's specifications, emphasising its versatility in different calibres. 

You can explore their full selection of products here, or keep reading our news for more inspiration on how to make the most of them. 

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