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Tim Pilbeam is after Fallow Deer with the Merkel Helix

Today we join Tim Pilbeam as he heads out after Fallow Deer armed with the Merkel Helix. Does the rifle's ergonomic design improve his aim?

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Professional Hunter Tim Pilbeam reviews Merkel Helix Speedster rifle

Rifle tester and professional hunter Tim Pilbeam reviews our Merkel Helix Speedster that he is using in Northern Sweden hunting elk.

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The Breda Shotgun: a serious entry level gun

Breda guns are synonymous with great quality semi-automatics, so the Breda Zenith is one of their first attempts at an over and under. Let’s take a look at whether the Zenith is an impressive gun.

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Rimfire,pro shot cleaning

Rimfire Barrel Rifle Cleaning

Cleaning a rifle after use has always been a bit of a hit and miss proposition amongst shooters and it varies from a quick wipe over with an oily cloth, to the obsessive squeaky-clean brigade.

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Breda,shotgun shooting,breda shotgun,zenith,birmingham proof house

Birmingham Proof House: Breda Zenith shotgun on test

We're going all Peaky Blinders on you in this episode of Viking TV Drop Gear and sending Andy on a special mission to Birmingham Proof House with Breda shotguns.

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